My passion for reading is not dead – Part I

My passion for reading is not dead yet. However, I have neglected writing for quite some time now.  I sincerely  apologize to this blog’s readers. Lots of things have been going on lately. Some people would simply said life happened. In the last twelve months,I got married in Africa. Now I don’t need to explain this one, do I? Marriage in Africa is a gigantic affair.I also  moved to a new place. Now that I have settled, I thought I should give you an overview of my last reads. I have been reading quite a lot actually. Whenever time permitted, I have reviewed some of the books in the blog. In this post, I will share my thought on the books that I did not have time to review.

The list will be divided in three categories: Fiction, Non Fiction and biographies/memoirs. The fiction category will be discussed in this post, Non Fiction and Biographies will be discuss in subsequent posts.


hibiscusFantastic book. I felt so strongly, while reading this book. Religious zealotry is killing our continent. It is not a matter of christians or muslims anymore. It has spread wide and large into every religion. This theme was brilliantly portrayed by Chimamanda. Children education  and family life is very strange in Africa to say the least. There is no show of affection and love to bestow on children. Children should know that they parents love them. Plus, there is only one way of raising a family and it is by being extremely hard. It kinda goes with religious zealotry quite well. In Purple Hibiscus, the link is very apparent. One should not generalize by referring to Africa doing something. After all, the black continent is composed by 1 billion people,  54 countries and thousand of ethnic groups. Each ethnic group having different values systems and standards. However, the link exists. The other themes discuss by the author was also very interesting. I noted domestic violence, community support, educating a boy versus educating a girl (there is a difference trust me on this one)….This novel just wowed be. Even though I was extremely sad reading it, I loved everything about it. A must-read for lovers of Chimamanda Adichie and  African writers.

HonourAmongAll-Book Cover

The originality of this novella’s story surprised me beyond anything.From the very first page, I loved the characters especially Moni. She seemed so real, so close to my reality of an immigrant living in Canada and going through daily life struggles. And while I patiently read through the pages, some very important themes kicked in: our relationship with GOD, marriage, children’s education…As a newly wed wife, It made me think about a lot of things. What if your husband cheat on you? What will you do? What if your child start acting out and disrespecting you? Today, you can be very happy, but we have no idea, whatsoever, how life is going to turn out for us in fifteen or twenty years. According to this Novella, whatever you do never lose your relationship with GOD and all shall be well with you. I recommend this very short but important read.

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5587960I love Chimamanda, she is very talented. But, I hate short stories, they are too short. I always want to know more, . I am sure you have already read this one. In case you haven’t, I think you should.

2stateChetan Bhagat  used to be an investment Banker, now he has turned novelist. He is popular among youngster. Since I love India and reading, I was bound to start reading indian authors one day. I love his style of writing – light, funny, easy to digest, with a filmy undercurrent. It is a Great read, if you want to take a break from African writers. I think you should go for it.

18866993This is the first novel Chetan wrote and it was a best seller. I personally loved it very much. Again, Great read, if you want to take a break from African Lit.


I need to confess something. I think I have developed a taste for arab writers. I never thought I would one day but I really do. They write about themes I care about: The struggle between tradition and modernism, religion and secularism, younger and older generation… This is my first time reading Ms Lalami and I did enjoy it very much. It was a very short and enjoyable read. I recommend you this one.


This book is bilingual, you will encounter sentences in french and english in it. The main theme is spirituality and God. This book was hard to understand.

In my next post, I will discuss my nonfiction reads. Did you read any of these books, share your thoughts.


  1. Thanks for your comments. Yes, you have had much to be doing. Good for you and good luck in all your new endeavors. I share your love for Adichie, and I, too, and discovering Arab books. The Secret Son is on my shelf waiting to be read. Lalami has also written a wonderful novel about Spanish exploration in North America as told by a slave from Morocco who is a Muslim. The Moor’s Account.

  2. Thanks for sharing. A critical question for me: how do you buy the books now that you are in Africa? Here in Cameroon, I often struggle. Really need to expand my reading.

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